Creative Europe, at home!

You can admire your favourite art pieces right in the comfort of your home.
With #CreativeEuropeAtHome we are keeping art and culture alive and well in the times of #coronavirus by highlighting great online cultural activities throughout the Creative Europe community – which will be available to culture lovers currently stuck at home.
Now more than ever we need the joy of a cultural experience.

Be responsible, stay safe!

We are spending more time behind closed doors of our homes, but our hearts must stay open.
As we #StayHome, technology can help us stay in touch with our family and friends.
We can call, text, play online games, organise a watch party or just an online coffee meetup.
Share your favourite online games or other creative ways of staying in touch digitally in the times of social distancing

Implementation of the BLS Seminar on 09.02.2020

The BLS seminar was successfully completed on 9th of February, 2020, in the framework of the Heart Safe Cities project. The seminars are held regularly at the 4th – 15th Kalamaria Elementary School, Str. Papagou & Mat. G. Kallidou, (behind the court of Apollo Pontos), between 08: 00-14: 00 a.m.